What I love about my work is having the opportunity to transform underutilized spaces into places of delight. 
I see my job as not imposing my own personal stamp but to skillfully reflect, organize and implement ideas born in  conversations with clients. Through an interactive approach, unique and beautiful creations come to life.

I am artistic yet very practical.  I listen closely, give feedback and develop what I hear into a beginning concept.  Then all along the way to completion I communicate with clients as we dream, tinker and mold ideas into a design that's a fulfillment of their needs and vision.

Growing up in rural Oregon I know the healing power of nature.  To me, the outside spaces we create are just as important as the inside ones. A well organized design can help us feel soothed and revitalized, if only by our eyes being drawn through a window to a beautiful scene.

Since 1994 I've designed and managed a variety of projects ranging from traditional to innovative, residential to public.  I offer a variety of services from a one time consultation to complete plan development and construction over-site.

I hold a degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Oregon, am a Master Gardener though the OSU extension program, and, before creating my own company, worked for both landscape design and installation firms.

The following is a sampling of my work.

I look forward to meeting you and your project!



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